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Re: A job opportunity

I’ve had so many people email me asking about this I figured I would just send it to the group once. You can go to any unemployment office, ask for companies that help people with physical and/or mental disabilities and they can direct you to the right company. In my state we call it the Bureau of Rehabilitation. Your state might call it something else. They have an office in some of the unemployment offices.
You can do a google search for jobs and look up “Job Coach”, “Independent Living Skills Instructor” or “companion”.

They need men and women to do these jobs. NO experience needed. It’s nationwide. And I work per diem (when I want). On Dr. Martin Luther King day i got paid $23 an hour because it was a holiday.

There will be a lot of jobs I believe in the future because of all the accidents and brain injuries too. Also we’ll see many veterans who’ll need our services. They are getting a LOT of brain injuries from all the explosions and gun fire they have to deal with during the war. I think right now we’re needed for everyone who gets into car accidents, domestic violence, child abuse, etc.

I’ve been checking into this and in our area almost all these positions are volunteer positions. I can’t find a single entity yet that pays for such people.

What state are you in? I’ve never heard of people volunteering for these positions. Especially when some of them need a commitment from someone to cover a specific shift.

I’m in TX. There might be some paid positions but I haven’t seen them yet and the places I’ve called have all said they have volunteers who do that. I’ll keep looking, though!

A job to consider ….$9-17 plus an hour for MY job

job opportunityI did my best to explain my jobs in case others were interested in picking up an easy $120 or so for one night work.I posted this on one of my other groups too.

I know with every family it’s hard to budget when your trying to make ends meet and there’s a gap living pay check to pay check.Not trying to solicit a job. Just trying to give suggestion on a growing field that men and women can do and it’s a needed service.

There are many many many jobs out there for MEN & Women who want to work part time Per Diem (at your own schedule) in EVERY STATE.

NO EXPERIENCE NEEDED. And the pay can be from $9-18 or more an hour depending on the agency.

I’m not kidding because I do this job. I’m a Job Coach & also work in the ABI (acquired brain injury program)and ILST or independent living skills instructor through my agency.

If you:

  • Have patience
  • Care about people with physical and / or mental disabilities and want to help them live a better life.( Some people may have depression, bipolar, anxiety, schitzophrenia, loss of limb, brain injury, can’t walk, vision problem, mental retardation, autism, asperger’s syndrome). You don’t need prior knowledge of these disabilities. The agency would give you information and training. Most likely you’re already working with people who have these disabilities and don’t know it.
  • Care about people with brain injuries (some you don’t know have it)
  • Like the young and elderly and get along with them
  • Get along with people of different race and genders
  • Can spare a few hours or more on a particular day or weekend
  • Have flexible schedule (even better)
  • Have transportation (your own car, bike, bus, walk, friend etc)
  • Can handle boredom. (watch others work and NOT do anything)
  • Optional*** for overnight stays in private homes too.

Background check

Let me give you an example of how this works. First of all it’s working for a non profit agency in your area. No experience needed except for common sense and compassion.

I work per diem so if I want to accept the assignment I can or choose not to. I’ve been doing this for over 6 years. I basically wanted work that could fit around my children in school, babysitting my grand daughter, my party business, and family life. If you only want to work 5 hours a week or you want 40 hours it’s possible. If I want a day, week, or month off I just tell them since I’m per diem(no benefits).

Others work in the agency with benefits if full time.

First job is as a Job Coach which can earn about $13-17 plus an hour.

My boss calls me. Donna I have a 40 hour assignment for you at Wal-Mart in such and such town starting this Saturday from 11-3 p.m.

and Sunday 4-8:30 p.m.. The person is doing janitorial work. Can you do this assignment? I can only do this Saturday this week, so he’ll get someone else for the Sunday shift but the rest of the assignment I can do it. I get the work. Weekends are not mandatory but if you can spare some that’s a plus and you probably would get hired. You really need to be flexible with your time unless you specifically tell them straight up that you’re only available for work on a certain day /night and between the hours of _ and _.

Or maybe the person I’m to assist in getting a job has to work 9-5 for one week and this is a 40 hour assignment too. You can get a babysitter for 4 days and work the 9-5 but need to leave at 2 on one of the days. It’s okay. The job is flexible and most of the time my supervisor gets someone else to cover the spot or they do it themselves.

You go to the job site with your client, listen to what the trainer is telling you to do for the job and then help your client remember the rules and how to do their job. After the 40 hours are up then the employer tells you whether or not your client got the job. You were coaching them the whole time to help them GET the job. EASY. Most of the time I have one or two clients at a time. You can work at a Walmart, McDonald’s, grocery store, hotel, casino, home depot, sears, florist shop, bakery, construction etc…Every week or couple weeks I have a place or new job to go to. The hardest part can be boredom for some jobs. Like at grocery stores where you’re standing there while your client bags groceries after they know how to and then you do nothing but stand or sit on a bench. It can get boring sometimes.

The ABI & ILST program:

These people have a brain injury from usually a car accident or falls.

You can also do job coaching with them but usually it’s helping them learn every day things like going to their homes, reminding them to take medications, get dressed, help with cues how to make their meal, or maybe grocery shopping, bringing them to doctors visits, helping them do laundry, pay bills, socializing with friends, etc. The ILST needs a couple years experience but after job coaching and ABI program experience you’re good to go.

There is a big demand for this type of work. Sometimes people need 24 hour care in their home with 2 twelve-hour shifts, and sometimes it’s just working a shift of 4, 6 or 8 hrs.

Maybe you can spare working at someones home (within 30 mile or so radius of your home) on a Tuesday night from 8 p.m. to 8 a.m. the next morning. This overnight/weekend type work called a “Companion” pays usually $9-11 an hour ($10.50 for me) so you just earned $120 + to help someone prepare for bed, maybe remind to take a shower or assist with certain clothing like socks or bras if they can’t do it, watch tv with them a couple hours, play cards or games, remind them about meds, etc.

Then they go to bed at what time they want. Usually 10 to midnight.

Then you stay up all night sitting in a chair watching TV, reading, playing on your laptop or laying on the couch resting your eyes but not falling asleep in case they wake up in the middle of the night and need your help. Most of the time they don’t get up but there can be some who don’t make it to the bathroom in time. You would have to clean it up and give them other clothing to put on. Easy. Maybe they have a girlfriend or boyfriend that comes to their house once a week at a specific time and day. They actually have scheduled times together. At this point you would leave the house for two hours and stay outside the door, wait in your car but it has to be close by.

(yeah you know what they’re doing but that doesn’t mean they don’t feel the same things we do). I haven’t had that type of client yet but I know there are some who have them. The companion overnight job is the easiest because for about 8 of those hours your doing nothing while the person sleeps. Until the next person comes in to relieve you. What would you do with an extra $120 for or $240 for two overnight stays a week or month. Or maybe you want 12 hour overnight shifts 3 days a week = $360 EXTRA for your budget

I can work 4 hours this morning then have a few hours off to go home and do my housework, check emails, reply, then maybe go back to work a few hours or overnight if I need /want to. By this past Tuesday afternoon I had 36 hours already worked this week with another 10 to go by MY CHOICE. Most likely get a call to see if I can do more hours. This is a great job for those moms or dads who want to work while kids are in school or sleeping at night. Or a second part time job that’s flexible. This way they can really work their business on that freed up time like I do.

During the overnight shifts I WORK my Party business. While the lady is sleeping I have all my order forms, potential hostess/consultant list on the living room floor, figuring out what to order, who to call, what needs to get done, making hostess packets, sometimes filling orders. Yep I bring a box of stuff to do while she’s sleeping. I also rest my eyes while on the couch so I am resting. You could use that time as well to work your business, pay bills, catch up on emails, read etc. Quality quiet time.

Sorry this is so long. (If anyone is interested post your questions. Take care and I hope this helps.