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They’re doing it even worse now

credit cardDo NOT be shocked or surprised if a charge card triples your interest rates. Because of the bad situation in finance, B of A, Capital One among others have started to hammer even their ‘best customers’ who’ve never paid late, never skipped etc, with HUGE interest rate hikes.

I heard this on the ABC news at about 2:30 AM this morning.

I know they’ve done this before, but this is even worse to me, because you don’t even have to be late, or delinquent on anything.

One man on the news said he did not even know they’d done this until he looked at his statement online.

I thought of all of us, and if any of mine do that to me, I am letting them all whistle for their darn money. I’ll let them sell it off and just deal with it if it happens. It’s even scarier than before because the financial houses will try to recoup their losses they got this year by coming after cardholders bigger than ever.