Re: A job opportunity

I’ve had so many people email me asking about this I figured I would just send it to the group once. You can go to any unemployment office, ask for companies that help people with physical and/or mental disabilities and they can direct you to the right company. In my state we call it the Bureau of Rehabilitation. Your state might call it something else. They have an office in some of the unemployment offices.
You can do a google search for jobs and look up “Job Coach”, “Independent Living Skills Instructor” or “companion”.

They need men and women to do these jobs. NO experience needed. It’s nationwide. And I work per diem (when I want). On Dr. Martin Luther King day i got paid $23 an hour because it was a holiday.

There will be a lot of jobs I believe in the future because of all the accidents and brain injuries too. Also we’ll see many veterans who’ll need our services. They are getting a LOT of brain injuries from all the explosions and gun fire they have to deal with during the war. I think right now we’re needed for everyone who gets into car accidents, domestic violence, child abuse, etc.

I’ve been checking into this and in our area almost all these positions are volunteer positions. I can’t find a single entity yet that pays for such people.

What state are you in? I’ve never heard of people volunteering for these positions. Especially when some of them need a commitment from someone to cover a specific shift.

I’m in TX. There might be some paid positions but I haven’t seen them yet and the places I’ve called have all said they have volunteers who do that. I’ll keep looking, though!

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