Re: How we made it through a year of unemployment

Apply for the food stamps anyway and get a case worker on your side. As a person with diabetes, sometimes the ‘regular’ calculations do NOT apply to you as an individual. You need a case worker and interview with SSA and an individualized assessment of your needs.

I was always told if I worked I would lose SSI bennies. No, as I am technically blind/disabled, there are ‘back to work’ programs and even when I make a lot of money some months, all it means is submitting my pay records to the SSA and 2 months later, receiving a little less money from them. But, overall, I am in a MUCH better place with a wee job, and my medical stays intact through my earning too.

Having a case worker I can call or fax helps with any big questions I may have, and she and I touch base on the phone for a review of my case every 2 years.

There may also be advocacy groups for us ‘sweet peas’ through agencies like the American Diabetes Association and JDRF (Juvenile Diabetes Federation). They should at least be able to steer you to some more help.

Thanks so much for the kind thoughts and encouragement !! I am finding that at this time in my life God has me surrounded by angels I never knew were there. I have been given ALOT of great resource information in the last few days and am going both to unemployment and DSS offices Monday to get started. I glad you are hanging in there. I have been trying to reduce my meds in hope of stretching them out but I don’t think that’s going to work for long so Monday when I go down to DSS I am going to inquire about any assistance programs that may be available in my area and may be able to help me with this too. I’m also considering a possibility to apply for cash loan online – what do you guys think? They seem to be an established and trustworthy company. Please advise.

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