Energy Bills

Hi all. I’m a new member to this blog, so I’m not quite sure of topics and culture etc.

I live in Denver and we’re in the midst of winter of course. I’m getting sick of my energy bills. I paid 267 last month. That’s the highest energy bill I’ve ever paid.

Another month or two and this should calm down. What are those of you in other states paying?

electricityI live in Northern NM. My electric bills have climbed and steadily doubled since December. I had $138.77 in Dec. 07, $195.24 in Jan. 08, and $295.24 for Feb. 15. On top of this I have spent $640 in propane since November 07. I am hoping it starts to warm up soon. These bills are outrageous and I have my thermostats at 65 during the day and 60 at night. It has just been COLD.

I live in a single condo and paid 168 on my last bill.

I’m in Utah and my highest this winter was $380!

I live in indiana..We are on the budget plan. I pay 91 dollars a month.and will settle up later. But our last check our month bill was 128. We seal all our windows, and just reinsulated most of the house that really helps.

My budget plan was going to be close to $229/month- $2 less than last year so this year I decided to gamble because I was going to be super efficient. In December I paid $323 then 6 wks later $455. I have replacement windows, a storm door and I keep my heat at 62-65 day and nite and wear layers and keep 2 down comforters on my bed. I sure hope my gamble pays off-I had over $400 in credit at the end of last season. I live in Central MA.

ne thing to watch for and complain to your utility company is the timing of their meter reading. I was socked with on that blew me away until I realized there was over 6 weeks between readings. When recomputed to about 4 weeks, it was not as bad as it looked. However, it can really mess up your budget planning. Here in GA, they want their money within 2 weeks of sending the bill.

I am in Montana, my last bill was $78.00. My house is 2300 sq. feet. I have a regular furnace for heat. I keep it set at 64 during the day and evening. At bedtime I turn the heat down to 50. It was 18 Below zero here the other day, and is still about the same temp.

On the other hand, my parents live around the corner from me, in a similar size house, and their bill was $169.00. I wear an extra heavy sweater and in the evening I add a lap blanket. I have a nice comforter from Penny’s on the bed. I sleep much better with the heat turned down.

My parents keep their heat at 78 and turn it down to 65 when they go to bed. They never wear a nice heavy sweater in the house. My kids are all grown, but I do have a little 5 lb Yorkie, he wears a sweater also, and is never shivery or cold. Perhaps turning the heat down a bit, could save money. My heating bill is abou $90 lower than my parents.

I live in Wisconsin and just moved in our house that we just built in September 2007. Excluding electricity, we have paid roughly $200 a month for heat (gas). We have had some pretty cold days, but from our previous house that was built in 1965 our heating costs has stayed the same. Goes to show that new construction is better built and insulated than before.

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