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Working from home

Hi everyone,

Has anyone had experience with I was thinking of joining. I am not looking to quit my current job, just to supplement my income. Since I work 11a-7p, it’s hard to find a second job part-time, because most evening jobs need you to start 5-5:30pm.

I did see a recent post that said most at-home job schemes are not really legit – but I am presuming the poster meant the kind that advertise their websites on tv.

Any advice would be appreciated. Many thanks.

work from homeFrom my experience, you can find these jobs yourself by searching the interent instead of paying them to do it for you. has alot of job opportunities. Liveops is one of the companies I worked for answering calls from home. They don’t pay all that much, but it is easy work. There is a $30 background check fee, but I made that back with my first paycheck. I got hired by another one here lately but had to deline because you have to work at least 5 days a week and be available for 6 hours at a time and I can’t keep my kdis quiet that long! LOL I can’t remember the name of them but I linked to them from the Volition is another good place to find jobs. You can look at the forums and people will leave feedback on companies and whether they are good to work for or not. I take the names I see on the forum and google them to find the websites and apply to them. Hope this helps!

There ARE legit work at home jobs out there, but they are hard to find. Good luck.

Great info Tara-I’ll definitely be checking out and the other site. I knew there was a way to find legit companies-I just hadn’t found it yet.

I currently work from home and make my own hours. Do you do any transcription? I could give you a reference for the company that gives me transcript work if you can do
that kind of work. Another site that you can bid on jobs is I’ve had good experiences with them so far.

I would be interested in transcription if you could give me that link. I used to do transcription in a doctors office transcribing autopsy and pathology reports. All the companies I have seen want you to pay to get started and I don’t have the money to do that. Thanks.

Thanks for your reply. Yes, I do a lot of transcription, daily in my current job. I work for a law office, and transcribe for all the various practice groups (labor, medical, litigation, environmental, patent) – so all have their own terminology and ways of setting up their documents.

Please do send me the information.

Hi Jen, I checked out and was pretty intimidated. All I want to do is find some work from home data entry or database/spreadsheet maintenance work. seemed more a site for the small business owner/entrepreneur. They really push you to market yourself and the whole Elance University was a bit scary with their examples of a design firm. What do you think? Is this not the right site for me? You said you bid on transcription jobs-did you have to become an incorporated company and do a fancy profile in order to compete for these jobs? I really want to do some part time work at home but it seems like either the opportunities are scams or you need to be an established business.